About Me


My name is Eunice, I live in Porto and I am the face behind The Rabbit Hole.

I graduated in Biology and I have a PhD in Science Communication. During the past few years I did things like scientific research, exhibition development, science communication, I studied the role of biodiversity in children books.

I struggle when people ask me what I do but I can talk for hours about what I like to do. I’m addicted to learn, to create with my own hands and I am in love with the incomparable power of creativity. I’m what some call a “maker” and a “crafter”. I sew but I’m not a seamstress, I bake but I’m not a baker, I paint but I’m not a painter, I garden and I’m not a gardener. I’m not expert on anything, but I do everything as if it was my dream job! I choose to do the things that make me happy.

I seek the manual, original and ancestral ways of doing everything. I declare my passion for the independence that comes from the know how. I choose to build and share. I recognize the achievements of the contemporary life and use them to support my principles. I claim a spontaneous, handmade life: simple, unpretentious, free and meaningful. I try to give it intention, create new spaces to live and distort time, deliberately. I recognize and I am inspired by the treasures that nature provides. I believe in living the seasons and the nature rhythms, bringing its charm to my daily life. I appreciate the beauty and uniqueness in all things. I believe in the comfort of the arrival, the cosiness of a handmade home and the warmth of memories. I long to fill my life with them, live it intensely, creating stories and leaving my print.

More about me

Among the things I love to do and learn, some have a special place in my life: sewing, patchwork, painting, music, knitting and printing. I practice them accompanied by other enthusiasts from my family.

If you want to know more about me, read my answers to common questions in my FAQ page or visit the posts about “A Few of my Favorite Things“.


I’am not an English native speaker, so please excuse any mistakes or poorly constructed phrases. Hopefully this blog will help me on that too. Thanks for stopping by!