Baby Jumpsuit: hand knitted Teddy Pants

During my pregnancy I made a some knitting projects to welcome my baby with the most sentimental pieces. One of those pieces was this baby jumpsuit from petite knits, the Teddy Pants.

Of all the projects I made for my baby, this baby jumpsuit was the one I wanted to finish the most! Not because I was sick of it but because I really wanted to be able to contemplate the dimensions. I couldn’t believe how, at only 3 months old (I made the Teddy Pants in size 3 months), we are already so grown up.

It’s amazing how making a project by hand, with the commitment of a mom to be, can give us even small glimpses into the preciousness of life and its perfect design. Today, my son has outgrown these baby jumpsuit Teddy Pants. I will treasure them to remind me, later in lide, of how big, or small, he once was.

Plus, I also made the bonnet and the socks. I will approach both on a different post.

The wool of the Teddy Pants baby jumpsuit

This time, chose to work with the wool Merino – Knitting For Olive for my baby jumpsuit. I bought it at my local yarn shop, Ovelha Negra. It was the first time I used this wool and I loved the result. I find it not only suitable for this baby jumpsuit, but I foresee it being great for other Jersey projects that don’t need to be too thick. I used cotton thread from my amigurumi projects to embroider the eyes and the snout but you can also use other wool or even perle embroidery thread, for example. My advice is not to tighten the stitch too much and be consistent in filling the eyes. If you want to give them some volume, you can start by making horizontal filling stitches and only then make a layer of vertical stitches on top.

Snaps or velcro?

I used snaps to tighten the straps of this baby jumpsuit. But velcro (if you can find it in the right colour) is also a good option! Honestly, I’ve found that snaps on baby clothes are a scourge that I can’t understand these days. They’re too time-consuming for babies’ and parents’ patience and require a precision that their movements don’t allow either. Today there’s nothing like a zip to me!

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