Right now, these moments are not stories

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We are welcoming a baby bear next year.

One day we will remember the story of wishing, growing and welcoming a baby into our lives. From an overly dreamer like me, it might feel different from the way it enter our feelings right now. I am sure I will fantasize it even more! But that is why I love to write about all the things I make (almost all the things) on this blog. It captures the essence of my experiences, feelings, learning progress and the way I see it right in the moment. It might change, but it reminds me the motivations that boosted me to get something done. That is why I call them stories: they might seem different from one person to another. But at least they try to capture my point of view.

These moments will all be stories one day

These moments we are living now will all be stories one day: our bodies matching together in a hug with a bump in the middle, the excitement in our eyes when you start to think about it, the complicity of something that is really shared, the air touching our skin when you know a secret, our voices and kisses trying to go inside, the finest nerves of our hands touching my bump expecting to be sensitive enough for something so tiny, the kicks that recall us, every single day, that there is someone inside. The urge to know him, the will to savoring him the closest he will be to us ever.

preserving moments
preserving moments
preserving moments

But right now, these moments are not stories

But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening and I could swear, we are infinite. We are right in the moment. 

I wish I had the answer to capture it for the future. But no words seem right, I don’t seem eloquent to express, I don’t think I can even express it all with my body and face. I just keep getting more and more impressed with our human nature. Not even photos can capture everything. But we try, we always try to preserve things, even the things we know are invisible. That is what makes us humans. So I hope words, sounds, textures and images can gather something in the way. At least they can give us a hint to remember fully. 

Preserving moments

These photos were taken by Monica from @madlyyoursphotography on Instagram, on one of our special places to go and admire. There is a role to play from both sides: we don’t really know what to do to express it on a picture but we try to be ourselves. She, might do it everyday, but I think that you must enter in a fantasy world to fully capture other peoples intimate moments. 

preserving moments
preserving moments
preserving moments
preserving moments

One day, these pictures will become those old photographs

The photos were so much fun to take, and it gives me the best chills thinking that, one day, these pictures will become old photographs. I am living the moment, as much as I can, but something on these pictures makes me so fond of getting old and remember the days we were expecting our baby bear into our lives. 

Note: It might be controversial welcoming a bear into a rabbit’s hole. You see, that’s all part of the dream. 

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