Homemaking: A new era.

So, we have now 5 months of war in europe and homemaking is making me sane.

The first thing I didn’t expect to pass during my lifetime was a world pandemic. The second thing I didn’t expect was a war in Europe, specially a land borders motivated war. Isn’t it a little “sec. XIII”?  After my reflection on my last post I realize that we have a lot of reasons now to create independence.

The urge of being content with some kind of loneliness or isolation is know enhanced with a necessary need of independence and homemaking. After the pandemic turned ourselves a focus of consumerism, now we might be forced into roll up our sleeves, get to work and being our own suppliers. Its a different mindset: the world is (still) changing and we have to prioritize. First we were encouraged to curate our relationships and routines. Today we are encourage to curate our energy usage and think about what’s the main things in our live. When the pandemic hinted, we were all homemaking bread for fun and comfort. Today we might be homemaking bread for priority.

I used up all my yarn stash during the pandemic because it was making me sane, not because I need it. Today I might be working on some kind of “self sufficiency” mode. The common thing about these two things is that homemaking is the thing that keeps my mind and body healthy. When I feel powerless I always bake bread because it always amazes me that I actually “do something about it”, even if taking care of me or others. Homemaking is power.

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